Her novels and stories have been adopted into films, tele-serials and stage drama in state and national levels.

Her novel “Draupadi” has been made in to a popular tele-serial in Hindi by Cine Vista Production and telecast in Sahara One channel.

Her novel “Mahamoha” based on the story of Ahalya has been made into Odishi Dance ballet and staged in Annual Convention of Odisha Society of Americas (OSA).

Eminent film-actress Hemamalini adopted her novel “Jajnaseni” (Draupadi) into stage ballet and performed in various places in India and abroad.

Quotes from works ….
Death is more generous than life. Death is more composed. Those who were enemies yesterday, today their death drenches the heart with tender compassion. Those who were wicked, lustful, sinful till yesterday, were made composed, steady and unperturbed by death today.
From Yajnaseni, 1985

The pages of the book have to be turned but the leaves of fate turn by themselves.
From Yajnaseni, 1985

What is the measure of civilization ? Clothes, housing and a mask to cover your face ! First, man learnt to cover himself. Then he built himself a shelter, a fortress, a palace. A mask on the face appeared of itself. That has been the story of civilization.
From Primal Land,1993

…when man transgresses the limits of his tyranny on earth, the power of tolerance of the earth also crosses its limits…
From Magnamati, 2004

“The sun never changes, but patterns of sunlight and shadow change. The mountains remain the same but the trees, the flowers and the fruit it bears are different. Even if one vowed to resist change, the world would alter, people would become different…..
Aadibhoomi – The Primal Land (Novel),1993