When I heard about the Bondo tribe-that they are very wild and kill people, that they eat human flesh, I was interested. I was very curious to see them, to investigate in to the truth of all the hearsay, whether they are misunderstood and misinterpreted.I wondered how to go to Bondo Hills because it was almost inaccessible . My brother-in-law,-my younger sister’s husband-is in the forest service and was posted in that district. He took the responsibility and arranged everything for me to go to the Bondo Hills. However , everyone dissuaded me. They said, “..Why are you going there? They are not human beings, they are animals. You will not get food there. There is malaria, meningitis, tigers, snakes. “The more they tried to dissuade me, the more firm I became. I took it as a challenge that I would go to them.


First, I spent one night there, and I visited five villages that day. I was attracted towards them. They are simple people. I will not say innocent, but ignorant. Ignorant that there is a world outside. They fascinated me, and that day I decided I would take up some project. Unless I took up a project, my college would not give me leave to study them. So, I submitted a project, I took two years leave from my college, and I spent my time with them. After that, my leave expired and I came back and rejoined my college, but on all my vacations, I was going back to them. It took seven years to complete my novel focusing on the Bondos.