She has established a literary organisation “BHASHAYAN” in 2004 to build bridges among the Bhasha literatures. Though Indianliterature is written in many languages, the inner voice of Indian writers is one and the same. Though language is the medium of communication, in multi linguistic India, language is a constraint to exchange ideas between the writers.
The main objective of the organisation is to make Hindi a link language between the Bhasha literature. The organisation will take various projects to develop Oriya language as well as other languages. There will be Adaan Pradaan programs between languages, mainly between Hindi and Oriya.

The Organisation aims at honouring one writer every year on all India basis.One annual issue “BHASHAYAN” will be published every year taking stories from different Indian languages. The annual issue will be published in three languages Oriya, Hindi and English. The issues shall be released in the annual function of the Organisation